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Web Sites of all levels

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Start at any level with Fullbottle, then go all the way

    Fullbottle has extensive experience at all levels, from simple sites to elaborate Enterprise Solutions.

For small companies like Daley & Co and large companies like Optus, Telstra, and IBM Global Services. (Clients | Projects)

You can start at a level that suits you and when you're ready you can upgrade to the next level, knowing that your application or site can go all the way.

Level 1. Brochure sites. The "toe in water" approach

Advantage A quick and easy way to get started
Limitations Customers can "look all they want but can't touch". Limited interaction

Research shows that the more interaction a site has the more effective it is.

Level 2. Internet applications. Not just brochures, but sites that do something

For example:

  • Shopping carts (using email or web-databases)
  • Search Engines
  • Elaborate forms and request systems
  • List Management Systems. Lists of clients, products, anything
  • Content Management Systems. Giving you the power to change your own site
  • Questionnaires
  • News Portals
  • Etc etc

Fullbottle has implemented many such applications. We have vast experience in this field.

Advantage You can have real and meaningful business over the Internet (like sales)

No database-integration: The web is not linked directly to your traditional database type systems. Actually this can be a very good thing!. There may however, be mini-web-databases at this level.

No middleware: Restricted communication between one system and another

Level 3. Database Integration. Similar to level 2 with emphasis on databases


1. Seamless integration with your legacy systems (if they can handle it)


Special purpose web-bases. Fast enough to handle world wide traffic.

2. Can build new business systems using Internet rather than traditional client/server or database technology. Internet technology:-

  1. can be much cheaper to maintain and roll out
  2. can handle the Internet traffic
  3. is by definition web-enabled
  4. is excellent for Intranet and Internet applications

No middleware: Restricted communication between one system and another

Level 4. Middleware

Glue that enables diverse systems to communicate with each other for the purpose of achieving business activity or information sharing.

Otherwise called e-business, B2B (business 2 business), B2C (business 2 consumer/client/customer ) systems.

Fullbottle has experience with several types of middleware. For example CORBA, IBM MQ Series, Java EJB amongst others.


No need to redevelop your existing systems.

If you encapsulate existing or legacy systems with middleware they can become available as components in modern Internet / e-business architectures.

Redevelopment is more costly and time consuming than most people realise.

Middleware gives you an excellent bridge between the here and now and the modern IT world.

Fullbottle provides vendor neutral consultancy and development. Fullbottle has experience with several kinds of middleware and can thus offer unbiased consultancy and development.


No exchange of electronic money


Level 5. e-commerce can use e-business as the foundation with the added ability to transfer money.

This requires special security and appropriate links to banks or other institutions

Are systems that are cheaper initially cheaper in the long run?

It is also possible to have simple e-commerce systems without using level 4 type e-business technology as the foundation. In other words a level 1 or 2 site with some 'e-commerce add-ons'. Sometimes this is indeed a good strategy, at other times the cheaper alternative ends up costing much more. This is where experience is vital.

Advantage Seamless integration with almost all systems, including secure financial systems. "Automates" more business processes.

Your business around these systems must be mature and modern enough to fully leverage the power of the Internet

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