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A common integration pattern

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Bringing everything together

Fullbottle have implemented at least 20 full scale systems like this.

Chances are very high that we have already done all or most of what you need.

Please contact us for an obligation free discussion.

Some of the information systems we've have worked with

Volume of information

  • Millions of transactions pa down to one transaction per day.
  • From small Microsoft Office systems up to the nations largest databases with millions of records in them.

Inputs - Information Sources

  • databases like Oracle, SQL*Server, Sybase, mySQL, Unify, Informix ...
  • other applications,
  • Microsoft Office,
  • distributed network applications,
  • N-Tier systems,
  • industrial machines and devices,
  • medical equipment,
  • telephone exchanges,
  • robots,
  • news or content suppliers,
  • journalists ...

    Literally any information (words, pictures, audio, video, telemetry)

Transportation mechanisms for inputs and outputs

  • Corba,
  • IBM MQ Series,
  • J2EE,
  • data files,
  • FTP,
  • email,
  • HTTP (web),
  • internet,
  • tcp/ip,
  • modems ...

    Any delivery mechanism (well maybe not courier pigeons).

Information protocol and formats

  • Microsoft Office,
  • CSV,
  • XML,
  • Corba structures,
  • IBM MQ messages,
  • SQL databases
  • Industry specific protocols such as: PIT, HL7

    Fullbottle has the expertise to handle all well defined formats and protocols.

Information acquisition system

  • Middleware like Corba, J2EE, IBM MQ Series,
  • Internet technology,
  • "glue" languages,
  • conventional languages
  • Unix tools,

    We use whatever tools are appropriate.


  • Databases,
  • "Web-bases",
  • "Flat files",
  • CSV files,
  • XML bases,
  • HTML files,

    Fullbottle engineer a solution using whatever is appropriate for your business and task at hand.

    This is where many others fail

    They try to use "their favourite database" whether it is appropriate or not. Then they try to "web-ify" it. This is as good as bolting wings on to a fish and expecting it to fly. It just doesn't work!


  • Simple web pages
  • Dynamically generated web pages
  • Entire web applications
  • to other applications and systems
  • to Microsoft Office products,
  • to distributed network applications,
  • N-Tier systems,
  • to machines and devices

    Simplify whatever is appropriate for your solution.

Please contact us for an obligation free discussion

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