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Never in the history of mankind has I.T. been better. Right?

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See more than ever before

    Is knowledge power? ... Not if it's stuck inside your systems.

Fullbottle has managed to effect extraordinary results by integrating existing systems and taking the level of knowledge one step further.

Is your team too busy?
Are you waiting for a "quieter more favourable time", while months and years roll by?

Let Fullbottle break the vicious "we have no time" cycle for you. Our clients have benefited enormously from these projects.

Fullbottle have implemented
more than 20 systems like this

» Lots of information sitting in diverse systems.

» Integrate everything using proven methods.

» Different outputs:
Internet, intranet. Other applications, other businesses or institutions...

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B2B is business to business

B2C is business to consumer

e-business is both B2B and B2C

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