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Internet Hosting

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At last, hosting for professionals and business

    Designed specially for:

  Graphic Designers
  Advertising Agencies
  Software Developers
  "Real web site" features

When you need to go beyond brochure sites ...

You'll need: maximum speed, reliability, flexibility, a direct Internet connection, direct support and lots of web programming.

Fullbottle has extensive experience and a proven track record providing that level of service.

Fullbottle hosting

Maximum speed
Servers range from hot-rodded Pentiums, Dual Intel Xeon based machines and now Intel's new 64 bit Itanium!

Our servers are connected directly to commercial Internet backbone(s)!

We offer fast or faster performance!


Ultra reliability

Servers: Last year our machine uptimes ranged from 99% to 100%.

We fully manage the servers and utilise proven methods.

Our servers never need rebooting.


Quality On-Line Scripts. Web-Goodies
Need more than form-mailer and web-counter scripts?

Things like search engines, site crawlers, smarter forms, "screen scrappers", customer driven content changes, smart alerts etc etc ...

Fullbottle's Solution
The potential here is literally endless, we can' list them all. So please tell us what you need. We probably have it or have already done it before. Or we can build it for you.

Web-goodies can become part of your custom hosting plan.


Tailored plans

Fullbottle's Solution
You can have small, medium or large machines. Fast, faster or super fast network access. A raw machine or one ladden with every service imaginable.

At last your hosting doesn't have to let you down. We will never hold you back. With our servers you are limited by your imagination.


Direct Internet connection
Direct means less things to go wrong and nothing slows you down. This makes a radical difference!

Fullbottle's Solution
We are a direct provider. Our machines are kept in dedicated computer rooms with direct access to the commercial Internet backbone(s).

We do not provide any domestic or consumer grade services. (Except friendly advice when called upon.)


Direct support with experts
Do you like spending all day in phone queues (who does?).

Waiting nearly forever just to hear - "we value your call"

... Yes but, obviously not enough to answer it! Worse still, after all that a novice answers the phone!

Fullbottle's Solution
1. Our services are ultra reliable so the number of calls is dramatically reduced.

2. With Fullbottle, each of our clients is assigned a special direct support email account and number. An expert responds promptly and not a learner, novice or office clerk.


Are you a graphic designer, web site builder, software developer, advertising agency, Internet professional or business? Then you can profit from our premium service.

Contact us for an obligation free discussion

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