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Depth and breadth

17 years database experience, starting with Oracle 1986, as well as many other databases since then.

From tiny one person businesses up to Australia's largest databases at Telstra and everything in between.

Many languages:
    Java, Perl, C, C++, 4GLs ... Unix and Windows.

Many applications and industries:
    accounting, CRM, infrastructure, internet, expert systems,
    telecommunications, medicine, banking, ...

Throughout all our solutions have been characterised by extraordinary reliability.

Our depth and breadth of database experience makes all the difference.

This depth of experience has proven to be vital especially when combining databases with other technology such as internet or middleware.

Please contact us for an obligation free discussion about your database needs.


Do you have

Research shows that 84% of software projects fail to meet all objectives.

Yet Fullbottle have a near perfect record!

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