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IT Management

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We make IT look easy

Research shows that only 16% of IT projects are totally successful ... yet Fullbottle has a near perfect success rate. [References available on request. See clients, projects]

Our managers and IT professionals have great depth of experience because they have:-

  • literally handled hundreds of projects,
  • have had contact with hundreds of IT workers,
  • have worked in many different types of companies and projects.

    They know what to expect and "how things go". This is simply crucial to success.

2nd opinion service
Even if your project is already managed, you can leverage our experience by obtaining a 2nd opinion report on crucial questions such as:

How long should this project take?
Cost How much should it cost?
Real expectations What are the real expectations?
Will this "solution" work?

Vendor neutral Is the technology as vendor neutral as it could be?
Better solution Is there a better solution?
Health check How is "everything" going at this stage?
Do we need to take radical action now (before its too late)?

OR. Utilise our full service project management service

Full project

» All you need to do is help us determine your requirements.

» We then take full responsibility and fully guarantee delivery of your IT projects. Easy!

Q) Is this full service expensive?
A) No. We make sure our project managers "pay for themselves"!

» Fullbottle's project managers are comfortable handling projects

  • worth between $1,000 and $Millions+,
  • from one month to one year in duration,
  • needing one developer or scores of developers.

Please contact us for an obligation free discussion

Do you have

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