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Serious Solutions

» Internet related software engineering.

All projects are characterised by being extremely reliable and first class.

We have exceptional experience with small one-person clients all the way up to the world's largest corporations such as IBM and Cisco Systems.

Experienced with projects worth $10,000 to $Million+

It's impossible to display the full functionality, depth and breadth of all our systems but here are some sample screen shots for:
Cisco Systems | Optus | Telstra | IBM | OneTel | Various smaller businesses

Cisco Systems  

This is a "shopping cart" type system used to manage labs in Australia and around the world. The client, Cisco Systems, is an undisputed leader in the Internet revolution.

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Internet services requests page site

Internet services of various kinds can be requested by customers using these pages.

Visually the pages can easily be changed as they are merely "skins" over the "requests engine".

This "skins mechanism" means the application under the hood doesn't need to be rewritten when the look and feel of the site changes.



The Back End Application. The other 90% of this project.

Typically the visual part of a project represents 10% of a project, the "back end" the remaining 90%

Cable and Wireless OPTUS

Netmaster's Work Bench Application

The netmaster is able to quickly manage all requests and deal with them effectively.

Customers can easily be informed about every stage of a request.

This system also communicates with the various Internet bodies.


Some smart features are:-
  • No program changes need to be made if the administrator wants to "pull-through" different fields off the HTML forms.
  • Flexible database schema. It's trivial to add a new field or change existing data fields
  • Basic Content Management System means non-webdevelopers can easily change the content of various pages like the help pages.
  • Visual pages are mere skins. Easy to change
  • Web based query system. You can select appropriate data sets without using SQL

For more information and references please contact us

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One of 9 projects for


Pattern Manager

With Pattern Manager Telstra's customers get faster repair times and the company saves millions of dollars.

Fullbottle services were: software development, business development, integration, databases, middleware, eBusiness, research, data mining, expert knowledge acquisition, Internet development ...

By predicting which faults are probably related in the CAN "Copper Access Network". A field technician can then repair a group of faults per trip. Rather than requiring one trip for each fault.

Special dynamic generation techniques are used to create these pages using data collected from every exchange in Australia. This is integrated with every service fault reported by customers nationally.

Then further integrated with some of the nations largest databases gives value added information to field technicians. A true Internet portal.

This application handles millions of hits very reliably and was developed using rapid development techniques.

For more information and references please contact us.

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Classic e-business

Several projects: Ant1Jac, AGV, Sultan (test robot) Web Wrapper.

Fortunately we picked up extensive experience with IBM MQ Series middleware and Corba with Java and C++ in very large corporate environments. Experience money can't buy!

For IBM GSA, all of our deliverables occurred precisely on time - frankly this is very rare in the IT industry.

Ant1jac has zero defects in its first year of production. This kind of reliability is also very rare and well above average.

For more information and references please contact us

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One of 10+ projects for  
Internet Expertise

Working with OneTel's excellent marketing and webdev teams, Fullbottle supplied OneTel with an Internet Architect, Webmaster, and Webdeveloper.

This "in-sourcing" proved to be a very successful concept. We added experience to their team, allowing us to take a young team and do more with less. Achieving an excellent result as a team.

Together we developed thousands of pages. Lots of interactive Internet applications, a search engine, news portal, network status, CD requests .... Java, Perl, Windows and Unix.

For more information and references please contact us

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Internet Applications

Fullbottle has developed many Internet applications

  1. Web wrappers around legacy database systems
  2. Web applications dynamically generated from "live data"
  3. Web crawlers. Both FTP and HTTP
  4. Search Engines
  5. News Portals
  6. Content management systems (many different kinds). Giving customers the power to change their own content.
  7. On-line questionnaires
  8. Various "build your own site" applications
  9. Shopping carts
  10. etc etc etc

We are very confident that we can build any application you need.

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Fullbottle's goes small.

A simple and small brochure type site.

Daley & Co have excellent on-line GST and current accounting information. A commendable professional accounting practice.

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A preview. Actual site and applications are under construction.

What do you get when you cross a CEO, Cardiovascular Surgeon and an Internet specialist? Medcentral ...

A quick and simple to use "build you own site" wizard is nearly complete. You also have the ability to change the information yourself.

Contact us to register your interest. There is no obligation in registering it merely helps us gauge the level of public interest.

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Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) are experts in Microwave and Automation technology

Fullbottle has a strong association with AMT. We are assisting AMT with business development, marketing and their Internet journey.

BHP, Caroma Industries, CSIRO, Goodman Fielder have all been AMT's clients.

Microwave technology may be able to radically improve your manufacturing or processing techniques. Feel freel to discuss the potential with AMT.
Contact AMT

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More sites ...


Web site with a content management system in the back end.

Giving the site owners the power to change their own information.

The same content management system can be used by many other organisations.

Change your own news, "whats on", or other information easily and quickly.

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Burnett Business Centre

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